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Supported by the Swiss Confederation's innovation promotion agency (CTI), the lab has been working on a number of joint R&D projects with EPFL-based start-up routeRANK. routeRANK provides a software solution for travel planning. Unlike other solutions that consider only one means of transport at a time, routeRANK addresses the entire travel route by integrating rail, road and air connections. In a single search, routeRANK's patent-pending technology finds and ranks the best possible travel routes, allowing users to sort them according to their priorities such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions. Custom developed versions of the proprietary software are offered to corporate customers and organizations, for their internal use or use on their own website, in both travel and logistics. For example, the Travel Helper developed for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the integration with Nokia's Green Explorer and the internal version contracted by the Swiss Government. Clients also include leading travel management companies and the World Economic Forum. Alternatively, corporate customers can easily sign up for the Standard Professional version. Website owners benefit from the routeRANK widget. Another version illustrating the software is also publicly available on routeRANK's website. There are a number of complex research challenges underlying the proper and efficient functioning the solution. The latest joint R&D project has advanced travel route planning in four main directions, namely truly seamless integration of hotels in multi-modal route planning, determining optimal meeting locations, multi-modal route planning for several stopovers as well as scalability advances. The corresponding algorithms have been researched and implemented, the related IP secured and the resulting solutions are now used in a number of routeRANK's versions.

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