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Group Communication in Ad Hoc Networks


What is Group Communication?

Group communication basically implies a many-to-many communication style in a group; this goes beyond both one-to-one communication (i.e., unicast) and one-to-many communication (i.e., multicast). Apart from the distinction in communication style, group communication, in most cases, requires certain reliability guarantees in terms of the messages sent from source(s) to members of a group.

Group Communication in Ad Hoc Networks

As a leading issue in distributed settings, group communication is also important in ad hoc networks, because these networks are inherently distributed (support from centralized services, even if applicable, may only be intermittently available). However, devising protocols to provide group communication service in ad hoc networks is extremely challenging, due to highly dynamic and unpredictable topological changes. As a result, there is no general solution to this problem, and the protocol design has to take into account requirements of specific scenarios. In this project, we divide the problem into the following two scopes and address them separately: