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Former Members of Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec Group



Konstantina Christakou Dr Konstantina Christakou
September 2015, Real-Time Optimal Controls for Active Distribution Networks: From Concepts to Applications

Dan-Cristian Tomozei Dr Dan-Cristian Tomozei
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2015.

Nicolas Gast Dr Nicolas Gast
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2015.

null Dr Nikodin Ristanovic
September 2012, Modeling and Measuring Performance of Data Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks

null Dr Ramin Khalili
Senior Research Scientist at T-Labs, Berlin

null Dr Georgios Theodorakopoulos

null Dr Marc Stöcklin
June 2011, Traffic Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis on the Network Flow Level.

Manuel Flury Dr Manuel Flury
Analyst, Systems Integration at Accenture, Zürich
June 2010, Interference Robustness and Security of Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wide Band Networks

Irina Baltcheva Dr Irina Baltcheva
2010, Mathematical Modeling of T-Cell Experimental Data.

Hai Zhan Dr Hai Zhan
December 2009, Impulse Radio Ultra-WideBand ranging and localization for sensor networks

Alaeddine El Fawal Dr Alaeddine El Fawal
Director at MGT-IT EPFL Middle East, United Arab Emirates
July 2009, On uncoordinated wireless ad-hoc networks : data dissemination over WIFI and cross-layer optimization for ultra wide band impulse radio

Slavisa Sarafijanovic Dr Slaviša Sarafijanovic
Postdoc at IBM Research Lab, Zurich
August 2008, Artificial immune system for the Internet

Ruben Merz Dr Ruben Merz
Senior Research Scientist at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin
July 2008, Interference management in impulse-radio ultra-wide band networks

Gianluca Rizzo Dr Gianluca Rizzo
Researcher at IMDEA Networks, Madrid
February 2008, Stability and bounds in aggregate scheduling networks

Bozidar Radunovic Dr Bozidar Radunovic
June 2005, A Cross-Layer Design of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

Sonja Buchegger Dr Sonja Buchegger
Senior Research Scientist at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin
April 2004, Coping With Misbehavior in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Milan Vojnovic Dr Milan Vojnovic
July 2003, Bits of Internet Traffic Control

Catherine Boutremans Dr Catherine Boutremans
February 2003, Delay Aspects in Internet Telephony

Lukas Kencl Dr Lukas Kencl
January 2003, Load Sharing for Multiprocessor Network Nodes

Ljubica Blazevic Dr Ljubica Blazevic
Feburary 2002, Scalable Routing Protocols with Applications to Mobility

Paul Hurley Dr Paul Hurley
December 2001, The Provision of a Low Delay Service within the Best-Effort Internet

Eric Gauthier Dr Eric Gauthier
December 2000, Efficient Algorithms for Sharing Access to a Multicast Tree and Routing between Multicast Tree

Werner Almesberger Dr Werner Almesberger
IT consultant at Jebsen & Co., Buenos Aires
November 1999, Scalable Resource Reservation for the Internet

Silvia Giordano Dr Silvia Giordano
March 1999, Renegotiable Quality of Service

Olivier Crochat Dr Olivier Crochat
CEO at Fibre lac SA
1998, Wavelength division multiplexing networks and failure protection

Sam Manthorpe Dr Sam Manthorpe
May 1997, Implications of the transport layer for network dimensioning

Stephan Robert Dr Stephan Robert
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at HEIG-VD
March 1996, Modelisation Markovienne du trafic dans les reseaux de communication
  • Perform basic and applied research in networking and related fields

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate networking and related disciplines

  • Perform technology transfer to established companies as well as start-ups



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