Laboratory for Communications and Applications LCA

Former Members of Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux Group

Mathias Humbert Dr Mathias Humbert
2015, When Others Impinge upon Your Privacy: Interdependent Risks and Protection in a Connected World

Erman Ayday Erman Ayday
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2015.

Kevin Huguenin
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2015.

Berker Agir Berker Agir
PhD at LSIR Lausanne, Switzerland

Igor Bilogrevic Dr Igor Bilogrevic
Research Scientist at Google Zurich, Switzerland
2014, On Multi-Dimensional Privacy in Context-Aware Mobile Networks

Reza Shokri Dr Reza Shokri
Post-doctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2013, Quantifying and Protecting Location Privacy

Nevena Vratonjic Dr Nevena Vratonjic
Project Manager at Kudelski SA, Switzerland
2013, Security, Privacy and Economics of Online Advertising

Julien Freudiger Dr Murtuza Jadliwala
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2011, now assistant professor at Wichita State University, USA

Mohammadhossein Manshaei Dr Mohammadhossein Manshaei
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2011, now assistant professor at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Julien Freudiger Dr Julien Freudiger
Palo Alto research Center (PARC), CA, USA
2011, When Whereabouts is No Longer Thereabouts : Location Privacy in Wireless Networks

Panos Papadimitratos Dr Panos Papadimitratos
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2010, now associate professor at KTH, Sweden

Maxim Raya Dr Maxim Raya
Project Manager at Credit Suisse, Zurich
2009, Data-centric trust in ephemeral networks

Jacques Panchard Dr Jacques Panchard
Senior Consultant, IT Governance
2008, Wireless sensor networks for marginal farming in India

Ben Salem Dr Naouel Ben Salem
2007, Secure Incentives to Cooperate for Wireless Networks

Dr Mark Felegyhazi
2007, Non-Cooperative Behavior in Wireless Networks

Dr Imad Aad
Former post-doctoral researcher, left in 2006, now senior researcher at the University of Bern

Dr Mario Cagalj
Assistant professor at University of Split, Croatia
2006, Thwarting Selfish and Malicious Behavior in Wireless Networks

Dr Jun Luo
  Assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2006, Mobility in Wireless Networks Friends or Foe - Network Design and Control in the Age of Mobile Computing

Dr Srdjan Capkun
Associate professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2004, Location Verification and Key Management in Wireless Networks

Dr Levente Buttyan
Associate professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
2002, Building Blocks for Secure Services: Authenticated Key Transport and Rational Exchange Protocols

Dr Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin
Principal member of technical staff at AT&T Labs Research, USA
2000, Web-based Management of IP Networks and Systems

Dr Raffaele Noro
Member of technical staff at Vitesse Semiconductor Corp, USA
2000, Synchronization over Packet-Switching Networks: Theory and Applications

Dr Falk Dietrich
Member of technical staff at Sony Research, Tokyo, Japan
2000, Temporal Logic for the Specification of Object Systems

Dr Xavier Logean
Consultant at Ernst&Young, Lausanne, Switzerland
2000, Run-time Monitoring and Testing of Communication Services

Dr Constant Gbaguidi
Project leader at SITA, Geneva, Switzerland
2000, Generic Components for the Creation and Control of Hybrid Services

Dr Olivier Verscheure
1999, User-Oriented QoS in MPEG-2 Video Delivery: Analysis and Improvement

Dr Xavier Garcia Adanez
Project Manager at Adventis, Lausanne, Switzerland
1998, Designing New Network Adaptation ATM Layers for Interactive VBR Multimedia Applications

Dr Juan-José Martins
Project Manager at Nokia, Geneva, Switzerland
1996, A System Engineering Methodology Integrating Performance Evaluation and Formal Specification

Dr Jean-Paul Gaspoz
Founder and Partner at NetExpert, Lausanne, Switzerland
1996, Object Oriented Specification and Design of a Service Management System on ATM based Virtual Private Networks

Dr Pierre-Alain Etique
Research Program Manager at Swisscom, Bern, Switzerland
1995, Service Specification, Verfication, and Validation for the Intelligent Network

Dr Jean Cherbonnier
Senior Consultant at Arthur D. Little, Paris, France
1994, Congestion Avoidance in the "Best-effort" Service of ATM LANs

  • Perform basic and applied research in networking and related fields

  • Teach undergraduate and graduate networking and related disciplines

  • Perform technology transfer to established companies as well as start-ups



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